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Allied Video Production Partner

We produce video ads for agencies

Tight Targeting

We use Google’s in-market ROI targets for YouTube and Facebook’s integration with Polk for in-market, near-market, and max-in-market targets. We also leverage remarketing with Google & Facebook.

Enhance Paid Search, Display, & Organic

Numerous internal studies show a positive impact on CTR’s for Paid Search, Display, & Retargeting as well as improvements in Organic traffic due to increased exposure.

Dedicated Teams

Support. Support. Support. We understand how important Client communication is. If needed, we’ll build dedicated teams to support your client base.

Like you, we’ve spent countless hours in OEM portals. We understand the importance of OEM brand compliance and constantly train our team on OEM brand standards. Our default approach is to build for OEM compliance, in some cases we stray outside the OEM brand for custom video solutions at the Dealers request.

Dealer Preroll was built for scale from day one. We’ve built arguably the largest library of new car video, we have dedicated teams for OEMs, and built our business model to scale overnight. We can start with a test on a group of Dealers and move at a mutually agreed upon pace.

AdWords for Video (YouTube)

AdWords for Video (aka YouTube Preroll) creates a fantastic opportunity to put your OEM in front of in-market car shoppers. In fact, Google reports 84% of in-market car shoppers are on YouTube spending north of 30 minutes each month researching for their next car. Dealer Preroll creates OEM-compliant preroll ads for dealers. Following OEM Brand guidelines, we craft unique video designs for New Car, Used Car, and Service. Benefits of Google AdWords for Video include:

Facebook Video Advertising

As of March, 2015, Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users. Dealer Preroll leverages Facebook’s integration with Polk data to target In-market, near-market, and max-in-market car shoppers with video ads. Available as an add-on for Dealers, Facebook Video Ads offer an extended reach to put Dealers in front of in-market car shoppers on mobile, tablet, and desktops when they’re ready to buy. Benefits of Facebook Video Ads include:

Our Process

We create, promote, and optimize preroll for Dealers each month.

Let’s Explore a Two-way Partnership

We’re in the business to do one thing – preroll for Dealers. We’re looking for joint partnerships where it’s a two-way street and one’s built off of mutual respect.