Tight Targeting

We use Google's in-market ROI targets for YouTube and Facebook's integration with Polk for in-market, near-market, and max-in-market targets. We also leverage remarketing with Google & Facebook.

Enhance Paid Search, Display, & Organic

Numerous internal studies show a positive impact on CTR's for Paid Search, Display, & Retargeting as well as improvements in Organic traffic due to increased exposure.

Dedicated Teams

Support. Support. Support. We understand how important Client communication is. If needed, we'll build dedicated teams to support your client base.

We obsess over:

Like you, we’ve spent countless hours in OEM portals. We understand the importance of OEM brand compliance and constantly train our team on OEM brand standards. Our default approach is to build for OEM compliance, in some cases we stray outside the OEM brand for custom video solutions at the Dealers request.

We can scale because:

Dealer Preroll was built for scale from day one. We’ve built arguably the largest library of new car video, we have dedicated teams for OEMs, and built our business model to scale overnight. We can start with a test on a group of Dealers and move at a mutually agreed upon pace.

Each month we:

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AdWords for Video (YouTube)

AdWords for Video (aka YouTube Preroll) creates a fantastic opportunity to put your OEM in front of in-market car shoppers. In fact, Google reports 84% of in-market car shoppers are on YouTube spending north of 30 minutes each month researching for their next car. Dealer Preroll creates OEM-compliant preroll ads for dealers. Following OEM Brand guidelines, we craft unique video designs for New Car, Used Car, and Service. Benefits of Google AdWords for Video include:

Reach 84% of In-market car shoppers

Only pay for real interest & completed views

Retargeting at a page-level from site visitors

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See how Dealer Preroll
places videos in front of in-market car shoppers
How it Works

84% of In-market Car Shoppers Use YouTube


80% +/- of the Video Views Will be Completely Free


Consumption of Online Video is up 57% YOY


49% Visit a Dealership After Watching

Facebook Video Advertising

As of March, 2015, Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users. Dealer Preroll leverages Facebook’s integration with Polk data to target In-market, near-market, and max-in-market car shoppers with video ads. Available as an add-on for Dealers, Facebook Video Ads offer an extended reach to put Dealers in front of in-market car shoppers on mobile, tablet, and desktops when they’re ready to buy. Benefits of Facebook Video Ads include:

Access to in-market car shoppers on Facebook

Ability to upload custom audiences from email lists

Retargeting at a page-level from site visitors

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Facebook benefits include:

Our Process

We create, promote, and optimize preroll for Dealers each month.
  • Create

    Using OEM Brand Standards, the team at Dealer Preroll creates preroll video ads at scale for Dealers. Our kickoff call establishes Dealership-specific brand elements & messaging. Dealers are involved in the creation process and our typical turnaround is 5-7 business days.

  • Promote

    One of Dealer Preroll's strengths and differentiators, we'll target in-market car shoppers using Google AdWords for Video and Facebook Video Ads. We don't just "buy" media, we skillfully choose the right audience for each Dealership based on their goals at any given time.

  • Report

    Most Dealers we represent "feel" the impact of our preroll strategies with a Dealer breaking a new record each month. Dealer Preroll offers a suite of reporting and we're constantly evolving with OEM-specific co-op documentation.

  • Repeat

    Each month Dealer Preroll creates fresh video content for promotion. We've found the right number of video ads needed based on budget, and the message needed to exceed expectations for our Dealers.

Let’s Explore a Two-way Partnership

We’re in the business to do one thing – preroll for Dealers. We’re looking for joint partnerships where it’s a two way street and one’s built off of mutual respect.

New Car Preroll

In-market car shoppers tune into WIIFM radio (What's in it for me) and when a car shopper is ready to buy, they want the best deal right now. We create incentive-based offers for new car specials.

Used Car Preroll

Let's face it - there's more people in-market for a used car than a new car. We've found the right way to approach used car shoppers with preroll ads that drive clicks, brand recognition, and in-store visits.

Branding Spots

Each Dealership has their own story - Dealer Preroll's brand spots penetrate the Dealers market with messaging that increases brand awareness, consideration, and loyalty.

Fixed Ops (Service) Preroll

Turns out preroll is the perfect solution for Fixed Ops digital marketing. We've seen astounding results with high click-through-rates and highly-engaged visits.

Custom Videos

All production is done in-house, proudly made in the U.S.A - if you can dream it, we can build it. Dealer Preroll's custom video solutions can bring your idea to life in a medium that is engaging.

Preroll Retargeting

Retargeting consistently ranks among the top digital marketing solutions - With Dealer Preroll, we retarget with preroll ads using Google AdWords for Video and Facebook Video Ads.

Dealer Preroll's is offered on an exclusive basis. See if your market is available today.