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Why Video Advertising? Because it Works…

And there's plenty of trusted third party resources saying the same thing.

92% are on YouTube

92% of in-market car shoppers are on YouTube. With Google AdWords for Video, we target in-market car shoppers based on previous browsing history. You pay for full views, or 30-second views, and clicks to your site from the CTA overlays and ``visit advertiser`` links.

And it's Growing!

92% are on YouTube

50% growth in Facebook video viewing

With 50% growth in video views on Facebook and 1.44 billion monthly active users (March, 2015), Dealer Preroll leverages Facebook’s integration with Polk data to target In-market, near-market, and max-in-market car shoppers with video ads.

Yes, 50%!

Let us show you how we do it

25% Watch 1hr+

25% of in-market car shoppers watch more than an hour of online video per month.

And it's Growing!

25% watch 1hr+ and it's up 57% YOY.

49% Visit a Dealership!

49% of in-market car shoppers visit a dealership after watching online video ads.

Yes, 49%!

Let us show you how we do it

84% Want Auto Videos

84% of video researchers plan to watch auto videos the next time they show for a car.

Compared to 78% Last Year

Now is the time to jump start your online video strategy.

Online Video in the Sales Funnel
Online Video Helps Car Shoppers Discover New Cars
Online Video Helps With Consideration
47% percent of auto shoppers first heard about cars/trucks by watching online video
57% percent of auto shoppers state watching videos online helped introduce them to new brands
65% percent of auto shoppers are able to narrow down their options after watching video
74% percent of auto shoppers state online videos helped them learn more about specific trucks/cars

It starts with a 5-10 minute phone call (866) 730-4515

We’ll shoot it straight with you and simply share data on how video has helped our dealers. Whether you work with us or you work with someone else, you need video. At the very least we’ll tell you what to look for so you’re equipped to make an educated decision.