We create your videos – proudly made in the U.S.A. We start with a kick-off call to discuss your goals, to share what we’ve found and to talk creative – how you want your videos to look. Within 5 days we have your preroll campaigns built, videos complete and uploaded to YouTube and your campaign is started.

A lot can be accomplished in 15 seconds. Let us do it for you.

The first step is to have a brief call to discuss your goals and to come up with a video strategy to support you hitting your KPI’s. In this call we’ll discuss different ideas for the style of your video. We’ll learn more about your business and ask a few questions to get familiar with your current branding.

The next step is for us to create your pre-roll ad/s.  We’ll design on the template that will be used for your videos moving forward.  In this process you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the overall look and feel.  Depending on which type of video we create, we’ll have a short questionnaire or two for you to fill out online which will guide us in the script and content of the pre-roll video.

Each month, with very little required from you, we create fresh preroll video ads for you to use.  We provide you with a simple form within your account dashboard to provide us with your new specials.

We Can Do Great Things, Together

We’re looking for long-term partnerships with market leaders. It starts with a demo, where we’ll show you how we put your dealership in front of in-market car shoppers with video.