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YouTube Preroll Advertising

Target in-market car shoppers wherever a YouTube video plays – so long as they’re truly in-market. You only pay for completed views, or 30 seconds, whichever comes first and clicks to your website.


Facebook Video Advertising

Leverage Facebook’s user interests and third party integrations to show targeted video ads where users spend most their time – Facebook.


Video Remarketing

Show video ads to site visitors on YouTube and Facebook.com. With video remarketing your ads show to users who have already showed interest and keeps them coming back.


Custom Audiences

Provide us with email addresses and phone numbers and we’ll create custom audiences inside Google and Facebook.com. The possibilities are endless.


Home IP Targeting

Provide us with a list of home addresses and our technology will map those addresses to home IP addresses – targeting every device in the household.


InRead Video Advertising

Expand your reach to in-market audiences with InRead contextual targeting – target users with video when they read reviews, news, and articles about keywords that mean business to you.


Mobile Geo-fencing

Creep on in-market car shoppers as they visit competing dealerships – Dealer Preroll will show video ads on their mobile devices at the dealership and when they return home.