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Dealer Preroll offers auto dealer video marketing solutions that increase in-store visits, organic traffic, and CTRs on paid search & display. Learn more about us or see how our targeting sets us apart.

In-market Car Shoppers Are Here

Reach in-market, near-market, and max-in-market car shoppers on YouTube, the Google Display Network, and Facebook, reaching car shoppers when it matters most.

Enhance Your SEM & Organic

Additional benefits of Dealer Preroll are an increase in click-through rates on your existing Paid Search, Display, & Retargeting campaigns and increased Organic traffic.

Expand Your Retargeting

With Dealer Preroll, your reach to retarget site visitors increases exponentially, reaching users on YouTube, Google Display Network, & Facebook.

Dealer Preroll creates OEM-compliant video Ads for dealers for use in preroll advertising, video SEO, email marketing, remarketing and social media marketing.

Dedicated OEM Designers: We have designated teams for each OEM comprised of designers that love the brand they work on.

Designed In-house: Pre-roll ads are created by a team of in-house designers, animators, script-writers, and voiceover professionals.

Existing Footage: If you have existing b-roll footage of our dealership we'll edit and include your footage in the videos we create for you.

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Dealer Preroll was built by Brand marketers with over 15 years experience working with Fortune 100 companies. We spent a year learning each OEM and built a design studio that respects existing OEM style guides.

We provide Dealer groups with:

While we respect and admire independents Dealer Preroll was built for Dealer groups. We put our work in before coming to market and have built arguably the largest library of custom video designs for Automotive. This means on-time delivery, scale for even the largest groups, and dedicated design and support teams for groups – while maintaining quality.


of in-market car shoppers are on YouTube

49% visit a dealership after watching preroll ads

You only pay for completed views (or 30 seconds)

Free YouTube Views (YouTube Advertising)

YouTube advertising for auto dealers – In-market shoppers see your preroll Ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN) when they’re ready to visit a dealership.


of car and truck enthusiasts are reading about the latest trends in the automotive industry online.

The video landscape is currently facing 3 main challenges:

74% of people find being forced to watch video ads before video content ruins the experience.

42% of video impressions are not in view.

5% of online video inventory is premium.

Display Advertising Supercharged (Video In-read Advertising)


In-market shoppers are reading about the latest trends in the automotive industry online. 64% Of the global online audience is looking to buy a new or used car. 46% say online advertising helps decide which car to purchase. 30% seek auto information on news websites.


growth in video viewing on Facebook

In-market car shoppers visit Facebook 14 times a day on average

You only pay for real people, real interests

In-market Socialites (Facebook Video Advertising)

Automotive dealer Facebook ads for video – We use Facebook’s integration with Polk to target in-market, near-market, and max-in-market car shoppers.

Our Process

We create, promote, and optimize preroll for Dealers each month.
  • Create

    We create new videos every month.

  • Promote

    We use Google AdWords & Facebook.

  • Report

    We report progress each month.

  • Repeat

    We repeat the process each month.


92% of In-market Car Shoppers Use YouTube


80% +/- of the Video Views Will be Completely Free


Consumption of Online Video is up 57% YOY


49% Visit a Dealership After Watching

Dealer Preroll's is offered on an exclusive basis. See if your market is available today.